So much light around you! Creative process

I have been thinking about the creative process and how we can flow with ease through it (more about it on my latest post) and since I practice to first be aligned and feel good and then create, inspiration comes in the most unexpected ways.
Yesterday we decided to go out to lunch and see the carpet flower in the Grand Place here in Brussels. It was a beautiful sunny day, great music on the streets and the food delicious. Everyone was in a great mood, relaxed, expecting the best and when you expect the best, you always get the best, right! 
So I was happy and when I was in the subway to come back home, I was looking around, seeing different kinds of persons, doing different things and when I look at them, I'll start to make tiny stories about them. 
This was a pure creative moment. I was seeing the best part of every person around me,  like their light was touching my soul, so beautiful!!!

Here are some examples :)

So now it's your turn :)

Put yourself in a good mood, catch the subway or go for a garden were you can see people. 
Everyone has light and a beautiful soul, set an intention to see the light of the world. Ohhh God so good!!!!
Now look at one person at a time an see it with the eyes of an angel, just looking for the best. Look into their souls and let their light touch your heart. Let the light of the world be shown to you. Grab a piece of paper and a pen a see what happens.

If you like to share this experience with me, please send me a private message on Facebook or in the comment section below or even on Instagram at @susanatavaresart using the #surrenderincolor.

#surenderincolor is an # created by me to express my love for #art, color and creation. Creating is a way to bring #color and beauty to this world. Without expectation, with an open heart, embracing it in its beauty and be filled with delight. ✨Surrender, express, let go and be surprised.
Use it if you are inspired to do so.

So much love and light around you!

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